Electrical stimulation, or e-stim, is used by a therapist to work through soft tissue rehabilitation. It is not as intimidating as it sounds, and it is a proven therapy to help you recover from injuries. It can also help with other existing conditions like fibromyalgia.

What Happens During Electrical Stimulation Therapy?

Your therapist will attach electrodes to your skin. They are usually square or circular electrodes with wires attached. After connecting the electrodes, the therapist will turn on the electrical stimulation. With the device, your muscles are stimulated to contract. You might not even feel the muscles, or it might feel like a small twitch.

E-stim therapy simulates how your muscles contract and then release repeatedly. Not only does this process strengthen your muscles, but it can also repair tissues that have been affected by disease or injuries. The repetitive muscle movement enhances blood flow and repair. It also improves strength in weakened muscles and can slow muscular atrophy.

Using this type of therapy can also be great for athletes that need to condition muscles or achieve a quick recovery time. If you want to try this as part of your training regimen, you want to do so under the direction of a trained sports therapist.

What Are the Benefits of Electrical Stimulation Therapy?

Depending on what you are using it for, there are different benefits to going through electrical stimulation therapy. Back spasms are prime candidates for e-stim treatment. Therapy relaxes back muscles in the lower back area and can also help make sciatica feel better.

Also, after you have been ill or had major surgery, e-stim therapy helps prevent muscles from getting weak and also retrains muscles in stroke patients. By having stroke patients focus on contracting the muscles while they are going through stimulation, the brain can re-learn how to work the muscles.

Athletic recovery is also a significant benefit of going through electrical stimulation therapy. Increasing blood flow and the removal of lactic acid after using the muscles improves muscle relaxation and repair. If you are an endurance athlete, e-stim therapy is an excellent addition to keep your muscles loose and ready to keep training.

What About TENS Therapy?

TENS therapy is electrical therapy that focuses on your nerves instead of your muscles. This type of therapy is useful for pain management to block signals to your brain. It is suitable for use with physical therapy to work on your muscles and then on your nerves. The therapy can help with issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Seek out a therapist for an evaluation to determine if e-stim therapy is the way to go for you. This therapy is not always a good idea for people with pacemakers as it can cause complications, so always discuss your options with your medical team first.

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