“Dr. David Koronet is a gifted practitioner. I began chiropractic treatment for my child knowing very little about chiropractic treatment. Dr. Koronet quickly put me and my child at ease. He thoroughly explained the basis for chiropractic treatment, did an extensive exam and outlined a treatment plan. Dr. Koronet incorporated injuries that can occur in my child’s chosen sport into her treatment plan. Dr. Koronet gave her exercises to do at home that will help her not re-injure herself. His rates are very reasonable (chiropractic is not covered by my health insurance). I would highly recommend Dr. Koronet for kids and adults, particularly those with sports injuries or repetitive motion injuries.”

Jill B.

“Two years of back pain gone in 4 visits. I can’t believe I waited so long! Thank you!”

Brenda T.

“I’ve been there many times over the years walked in feeling like a hundred years old walked out feeling relieved not always pain-free but relieved would recommend this man to anyone thank you”

Eric C.

“I have been a patient for many years …10-12. He is a wonderful advocate for my spine and continues to keep me pain-free through mulching, throwing snow, keyboarding, and playing tennis.”
Karen S.

“Some of the nicest people you can meet. Dr. K is awesome.​​​​​​​”

Rob C.

“Happy 25 year anniversary Dr. K. I know I speak for others as well when I say your treatments and instruction are life-changing! Thanks for all you do!”

Phil W.

“Dr. Koronet,
Thanks so seeing me on such short notice. I feel so much better today. I can’t wait for the next visit.”

Tricia B.

“My whole family go to Mt. Airy Chiropractic Center. We have been going there for the last 12 years. They are the best”

Sudha K.

“Outstanding in every possible way. Dr. Koronet’s treatments are gentle and effective at reducing my back pain.”

Barbara W.

“He fixed my back and all the pain is gone!!!”

Alison E.

“Dr. Koronet and Caren are the best chiropractic team in the area! I always leave renewed in body and soul. I’ve recently been restored to improved neck health following a “rough ride”.”

Beverly L.

“Dr. K can always tell where the painful areas are just by pressing on certain areas of the back and neck. He is my go-to Chiropractor for life.”

Cindy C.


​​​​​Robin P.